Monday, June 20, 2011

My Nephews Wedding

Wow!  I've been a pathetic blogger lately.  Summer has hit me right in the face but I'm ready to pick myself up and move along.  I started out June by helping with the food for my nephews wedding.  Three days after that I was in charge of an open house and dedication for over 2000 people.  Luckily that was just a punch and cookies type of event.  But it was two evenings.  Now I just need to get back in the swing of things.  We've been grilling up like crazy around here.  Recipes to come.  But first a glimpse of my nephews wedding.

My sister in law was hosting the reception and had some fun ideas.  The food was a build your own picnic box-lunch. 

First you grab a box.  Then pick a sandwich.  There were chicken salad and BLT sandwiches.
Next pick a salad.  There was a pasta salad or a green salad. (I made the salads-recipes to come soon) Then take a piece of watermelon.
Now take a cookie for dessert.
There were fun bottled sodas to drink.
It was such a fun outdoor reception.  The food was delicious.  The bride and groom beautiful.  The weather perfect.  It was a great evening!