Monday, April 11, 2011

RubySnap Cookies

Have you heard of RubySnap cookies?  It's a great cookie company in Salt Lake City.  I try not to think about them too much.  But when I do, I start planning a trip downtown to pick up a few (or maybe a dozen). 

The cookies from RubySnap are made with all natural ingredients.  They sell the dough too.  But for you out-of-towners, you can order them online.

The cookies have cute names, girl names to be exact.  There's even a cookie of the month.  This month it's Billie Ann.  It's a coconut carrot curry cookie with coconut cream frosting.  My favorite is the Lilly cookie.  It's lemony goodness. 

I know these pictures don't do the cookies justice.  So go try some for yourself.  You'll be happy you did!

770 South 300 West
Salt Lake City


Katie Mar said...

very cute blog you have! :)
i've never heard of rubysnap cookies... i'll have to go check them out!
especially if those yummy pics don't do them justice!

Marsh Mayhem said...

Julie -- this company used to be My Dough Girl, didn't it? My friend was one of the main forces behind trying to get Pillsbury to drop their injunction against her. I wanted to make it down to her shop before we left, but I never made it ... but if they accept online orders, that could be dangerous!!

Julie said...

They did indeed have to change their name from My Dough Girl to RubySnap. Dang big business!

Andrea said...

I think Bill and I have to try the cookie of the know, Billie Ann, Bill/Andrea.

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